FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Garage Door Tips

Tips - How to Buy

Insulated garage doors have a number of benefits beyond its insulating value. They are much quieter than a non-insulated garage door and they are much more resistant to the bumps and dents of everyday living. The sandwiched constructed doors also have a much more appealing look on the inside and are easier to keep clean and maintain.

If your garage is attached to your home, the insulated garage door can help reduce energy loss from exterior walls of the house. If your garage is below another room in your home, energy loss can occur through the ceiling of the garage into the floor of the room above. Older, non-insulated garage doors can allow cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer to enter the house, increasing heating and cooling costs.

Safety Tips

Test the garage door opener's reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2 x 4 board or a roll of paper towels in the door's path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call a qualified garage door professional for repair. If the opener has not been replaced since 1993, seriously consider a new one with auto-reverse as a standard feature.

If the opener does not have rolling-code technology, which changes the access codes each time the opener is used to prevent code grabbing, be sure to change the manufacturer's standard access codes on the opener and remote control, or consider investing in a newer model with more safety and security features that are now standard.

A new trend in home invasion is gaining access to the home by stealing the opener or car. Never leave the remote control in the car or with a parking attendant. Consider using a key chain remote and always lock the entry to the inside of your home - especially if your opener is programmed to your vehicle. It is a small inconvenience for safety and security

Maintenance Tips

Give all rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges, and latches a good squirt with a penetrating solvent like WD-40. Lubricate the pulleys on extension-spring openers and the bearings on torsion-spring openers. Wipe a little oil on the torsion spring if it is rusty and binds up. A trained door repairman must make adjustments to these parts, which are under high tension.

Garage door maintenance is often needed on the door opener. If your garage door opener is operated by a chain , apply the same lubricant to the full length. Check any weatherstripping along the sides of the doors. Adjust if it is jamming against the sides, and replace if necessary.